Whistler Property Zoning

Whistler has a wide range of property types, a diverse mix of international owners, and an increasing volume of tourists. The municipality has made every effort to create and maintain a sustainable community which benefits locals, weekenders, investors and tourists alike. This has resulted in real estate opportunities that don't exist anywhere else in the world.

Different types of zoning govern land use throughout Whistler. Some zoning allows for nightly rentals, while other types prohibit it. Phase 1 and Phase 2 properties are considered Tourist Accommodation and have rental covenants on title that determine how owners are to use the property.

Phase 1 - Flexible & Unrestricted

Owners may use their Phase 1 properties as often as they like for any length of time. They may also rent their property on a short-term (nightly) or long-term (monthly) basis; or a combination of both.

There are several property management companies in town and owners have the flexibility to work with a company of their choice. Phase I homeowners may also make improvements and renovations to suit their personal taste.

Phase 2 - Restricted

These properties are located in ongoing hotel operations and consist of studios, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom condominiums. Management companies require owners to give notice with their reservation requests and owners are generally limited to 28 days in the summer and 28 days in the winter. If an owner is interested in using their property more than the 56 days, this can be done by booking with short notice.


Intended for full or part-time owner or tenant usage. Owners can be residents of any part of the world and can use their home as much or as little as they choose. Nightly rentals are not permitted.

Employee Covenant Properties

Occupants of the property (tenants or owners) must live and work in Whistler. For example, Vancouver residents cannot use this property as their weekend home.

Fractional Ownership

These properties are sold in intervals of more than one week and less than whole ownership. Fractionals in Whistler include quarter and tenth share ownership and owner usage rotates throughout the calendar year. Unused owner weeks can be rented out by the property manager.

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