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Buying Property

Buying property in Whistler is exciting. For many people it's a dream come true. My job as your realtor is to help you find the right property at the best price, and to reduce the amount of work and energy you spend along the way. I apply my extensive skill-set to the entire purchase process and I ensure that you benefit from my services. We work together to make certain all of your needs are met. It's important to choose a realtor you can rely on and connect with.

A lesser known component of my job is to reduce the stress that can accompany buying property. So, you can expect me to be professional and honest 100% of the time and you can anticipate that I will help make buying in Whistler an easy and fun experience for you.

What I Do For You:
  • simplify the purchasing process for you
  • provide you with information to make the right decision
  • guide you through the process
  • negotiate the best price and terms for you
  • ensure all of the paperwork and fine details are taken care of
  • explain each step along the way, so you always know exactly what's happening
The Purchasing Process : In a Nutshell
  • Preview properties
  • Make an offer
  • Negotiate the best terms & price until accepted by the owner
  • Remove Subjects (conditions)
  • Lawyers make adjustments and register title
  • Completion & Possession

BUYING : The Complete Process

View properties: When you've shortlisted your favourite properties, we view them together. Getting a "feeling" for a property is very important.

Make an Offer: I assist with putting your offer to paper and explain what the contract contains. I present the offer to the seller's agent on your behalf. It will be "accepted" or "countered" by the vendor.

Counter Offer: When one party responds with changes to the price or terms it is called a "counter offer". During negotiations an offer may go back and forth several times.

Negotiate: The initial offer will usually go back and forth until the buyer and seller agree on price, terms, & conditions such as dates, furnishings, etc..

Offer Accepted: When the buyer and seller agree to all terms and conditions they have an "accepted offer". Buyers begin doing their due diligence and organize action-items like the home inspection, reviewing the strata information, firm up financing, etc..

Remove Subjects: "Subjects" are the conditions that the buyer puts in place before purchasing a property. It usually takes about 2 weeks to satisfy the conditions. When this process is complete, the subjects are removed in writing.

Firm: Once subjects have been removed, you now have a firm & binding contract. I will ensure your lawyer or notary and finance advisor have the information they need to make adjustments and put the property into your name.

Deposits: All deposits are held in trust by the Whistler Real Estate Company and form part of the purchase price upon completion.

Closed: The deal is complete and you are officially the homeowner. The title has been transferred to your name at the Land Title Office and the lawyers have made any necessary adjustments.

Possession: After the property has completed you take posession and move into your new home. Yahoo!

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