3 Ways to Sweeten Your Offer

If you’re trying to buy a home — especially in a competitive real estate market, and especially if you’re making an offer under asking price — you could provide the seller with an offer letter that waives a few contingencies. For example, waiving your inspection contingency or at least shortening it will tell the seller that you’re serious and willing to take this risk. Your offer will stand out as one that can get done quickly and hassle-free. I’d be happy to guide you through this process.
If you don’t need some of your furniture or window coverings in your new home, why not offer to include some of them in the sale? Filling up a new home with furniture is costly, and if your potential buyers have a lot of it to buy, they may be incentivized if they know they’ll save money on furniture and decor. If it’s furniture you were planning to get rid of anyway, it also takes away the potential headache of having to figure out what to do with it. 
As a seller, you’ll leave your home in tip-top shape, and you’ll do your best to clean when the furniture is cleared. However, offering to pay for your house to be professionally cleaned after you move out will give your buyers a little extra peace of mind. They’ll know that with a reliable professional deep cleaning there won’t be any unwanted surprises when they peak behind the refrigerator or in the corner cabinet. This incentive will be a huge load off of your buyer’s shoulders after a move.