Macdonald Realty is #1 on the list of "Biggest BC Businesses owned by Women"

I am so excited to be a part of the Macdonald Realty firm!

As I've slowly made my way back into the business world, I've spent some time readjusting my schedule, and making time for work. I get inspired knowing I'm a part of a company like this one:

In the August 4, 2015 edition of Business in Vancouver, Macdonald Realty was ranked #1 on their annual list of the biggest B.C. businesses owned by women.  With 930 employees in B.C., Macdonald Realty’s Owner, President and CEO Lynn Hsu tops a list that includes SimpeQ Care, TPD, Purdys Chocolatier and CEFA Early Learning Schools in the Top 5.

Macdonald Realty also ranks 11th on BIV’s list of Biggest B.C. organizations managed by women.

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